Body Treatments


Choose from our unsurpassed range of Oasis Massage Therapy.  

Hot Stone Massage 60mins $110 

Relax your body and mind with an Hawaiian style Hot Stone massage. Benefits include improved circulation, released stress levels, and relaxing of tight and sore muscles.

Hawaiian Massage 75mins $110
This beautiful Lomi Lomi massage is balancing, harmonising and deeply relaxing. Using flowing movements and focusing on the breathe, it is a nurturing healing massage which creates a totally relaxed state.

Pregnancy Massage 60mins $90
For both mum and baby, a beautiful time to relax and be nurtured. Treats aches and pain, improves sleep and nourishes body.

Swedish Massage 30mins $50 / 45mins $70 / 60mins $90 / 90mins $135
A smoothing, relaxing massage that promotes relaxation, while relieving muscle tension, aches and pains.  This includes from 30 minutes back neck & shoulder to a full body massage for 90 minutes.

Indian Head Massage 45mins $70
Based on traditional Indian techniques using massage and acupressure points.

Myofascial Release Therapy 60mins $90
This is a treatment which has whole body holistic benefits. The technique is performed with no massage oil, therefore is a very slow, relaxing massage. The benefits include reducing stress, breaking up scar tissue, improved range of motion and mobility, enhanced lymphatic drainage and reducing fascia restrictions.

Raindrop Massage 75mins $105 
This is a combination of back massage and foot massage, which helps reduce stress and tension in the body. This treatment will lift your spirit and balance your energies.

Zone Therapy (Reflexology) 60 mins $90
Enjoy a relaxing foot soak, exfoliation and massage (to knee) using our [comfort zone] body products. Add on to this treatment a hand massage.


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